About Raipur

Raipur, located in central India, is the capital of the state of Chhattisgarh. The region was prominent from ancient times, as the territory of the Dhakshina Kosala kingdom. Consequently, there are nearby archealogical sites with interesting excavations, and ancient temples a few hours drive away, with finely detailed sculptures. The state of Chhattisgarh is rich in minerals and steel manufacturing is a major commercial activity. Also, Chhattisgarh is home to a large tribal population belonging to different clans, thereby presenting a rich indigenous culture and lifestyle encompassing music, dance, handicrafts, clothing and distinct tribal identities. 

When you're in Raipur

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  • 1 Visit the historic Sirpur excavations
    Suggested By Ravi Sambamurthy on Mon, 07/18/2016 - 17:22.

    Sirpur, located at a distance of about 80 kms from Raipur, is the site of many archealogical excavations dating between 6th - 10th century AD. The river Mahanadhi flows through Sirpur and provides an awesome view.

    There is a Laxman temple, a few Buddha Viharas, a Ram temple and a few Shiva temples that have been excavated. In addition, there are interesting contemporary temples as well. 

    The excavation site is also the venue of an annual music and dance festival organized by the tourism department of Chattisgarh, which features classical artistes as well as folk performers from around the country.

    Near Sirpur, there is also the Barnawapara wildlife sanctuary, providing a dense forest cover for various kinds of flora and fauna.

  • 2 Travel up to the holy towns of Rajim and Champaranya