When you are in Hassan: Explore the History on Art of Chennakeshava temple

  • Suggested By Partha on Mon, 03/26/2018 - 16:06.

    Chennakeshava temple which is located in Belur, Hassan district of Karnataka and about 220km away from Bengaluru city. The temple was dedicated to Vishnu, it was built with soapstone in the time of hoysala dynasty in 12th century. It took 103 years and three generations of rulers to complete. Each sculpture has a story, the details and the workmanship were incredible and the way they did it was unbelievable. The temple has three entrances and their doorways have decorated sculptures called dvarapalaka (doorkeepers) on either side, the pillars inside the temple are all carved in different formations. We can see numerous artwork during walk around of the temple over the platform in horizontal bands. The temple complex has a number of small shrines, the compound is entered from the east through a tower (Gopuram) added during the renovation of the Vijayanagar empire era. We will spend 2-3 hours to see the entire architecture.

    The places will be of interest if you are a keen art lover and respect craftsmanship. Since temple built in stone and all the pavements are stone, its hot in summer and we literally can't stand for long time, winter is the best time to visit.

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