When you are in Hassan: Climb the hill to view Gommateshwara

  • Suggested By Partha on Wed, 03/28/2018 - 13:28.

    Gommateshwara or Bahubali statue is a Jain temple which is located on Vindyagiri Hill at Shravanabelagola. It was built around 983 A.D. and is one of the largest free standing statues in the world, 17 meter high monolithic statue. This is an early medieval architecture of Ganga Dynasty. We will have to climb the big mountain about 700 steps to view the statue. The statue and the views from top of the hill are breathtaking. Shoes are not allowed you have to climb barefoot, it is stiff and there is no shed in between. So in hot days it might be good to climb early morning or in the late evening. The Mahamastakabhisheka festival is held once in 12 years, it attracts devotees from all over the world.

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