When you are in Rameshwaram: Explore the ghost town of Dhanushkodi

  • Suggested By Ravi Sambamurthy on Wed, 07/13/2016 - 13:15.

    A thriving coastal town of Dhanushkodi was wiped out by a cyclone several decades ago and what's now left are the remnants of what used to be church, railway station, post office, schools, graneries, residential buildings, and so on. 

    To reach there is an ordeal too. Only jeeps and off-roading vehicles can make it through the sandy, beachy terrain with no visible roads. During high tides, any access to this place is cut off as well. Once reached, the place is a visual treat and resembles something straight out of the sets of a movie.

    At one point, you have two seas on each side a narrow strip of land, one being the Bay of Bengal and the other being the Indian ocean. The former almost serene sea with hardly any waves, and the latter with very turbulent waves provide a picture in contrast.